Helambu Trekking

Helambu Trekking, guidesnepal.com The trek takes place in the Sherpa Helambu region, around 72 kilometers Northeast of Kathmandu. A roundabout circuit is used, most often starting at Sundarijal, although other starting positions include Nagarkot, Kakani or Sankhu. Pati Bhanjyan, Chipling, Khutumsang and Tharepati are amongst the first villages to be passed, followed by Malemchigaon and Tarke Gyang. Two possible routes are available from Tarke Gyang, one to complete the trek and another that leads to the Arniko Highway, the main thoroughfare out of Kathmandu leading to Tibet. To complete the trek one would proceed to Taramarang following on to Pati Bhanjyan. From Pati Bhanjyan the trek returns to the starting point of Sundarijal, a route that takes around seven days

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